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The lightweight aluminum Equalizer® unfolds and locks onto your backpacking stove. It has adjustable length sliding legs to let you level the stove and to improve stability. It lets you put your stove most anywhere, on inclines, on uneven rocks and over grown and grass. It helps you leave no trace by eliminating the need to pull growth or grass or to disturb the surrounding area.

Cook Safer and Easier With the Equalizer

The Equalizer® provides a safe convenient place for spatula, spoon and pot gripper where they are always ready to use and won't be stepped on.

Whether you set up your stove on a mountain or in a local park there is always a slope, uneven dirt and often growth and grass in the way. With an Equalizer® you need no more prop-up leveling stones, no more disturbing the growth or grass and you eliminate dumped pots and food. The Equalizer® also raises your stove height to cause you less bending. For even more ease in cooking it easily levels your stove onto a rock of most any shape that has a convenient height.

The Equalizer® parts are rustproof and are self contained having all captive parts. An optional rear leg for use on level ground is included at no extra cost. The rear leg stores in the Equalizer body.

TWO Equalizer® MODELS

The Bottle Model for Stoves with Hose-attached Fuel Bottles

The Bottle Model fits stoves with attached fuel bottles like the MSR Whisperlite. It provides a support for the fuel bottle away from the flame but with pump and controls conveniently located.

The Bottle Model fits:

MSR Whisperlite & Dragonfly; Peak 1 Apex II & Extreme; and Primus Himalaya.
It also fits stoves mounted on butane cans such as Peak I 3100 & 3250; MSR 323100; GAZ 270 & 470; & Primus 2202 & 2207; Coleman Stoves Feather 400; Multi Fuel; Dual Fuel and Sportster II.

The Bottle Model weighs 7.4 ounces.

Cost: $44.99
shipping included

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Lite Model Equalizer®

The Lite Model fits stoves that mount on butane cans of all popular Manufacturers.

Fits Stoves mounted on butane cans: Peak I 3100 & 3250; MSR 323100; GAZ 270 & 470; & Primus 2202 & 2207.

It also fits stoves with integral fuel tanks such as the Coleman Stoves Feather 400; Multi Fuel; Dual Fuel and
Sportster II.

It can also be used with stoves that have attached fuel bottles but the fuel bottle must be supported independently, a practice which is not recommended.

The Light Model weighs 5.6 ounces.

Cost: $32.99
including shipping

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Both Models fold for packing to the size of 2 tent pegs

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